Custom Patches


Custom Patches in Houston

Designer clothes are always in trend and have high pricing than other types of clothing. Designer clothes have different and unique designs for people who love to wear different and unique attires. Celebs and business classes have their designers design their outfits for every occasion and daily use. 

Nowadays, custom-made outfits are in trend. People want to wear outfits as per their taste and they request the boutique owner to custom design their outfit for different occasions. Custom designing is cost-effective too, that’s why it is trending between people.

Custom Made Patches

At sf2 prints, we have the option of custom patches for your t-shirts and posters. We are highly recommended printers as we already have options of custom patches no minimum order like – custom embroidery patches, custom woven patches, custom printed patches, custom twill patches, custom chenille patches, and custom leather patches, custom logo patches for your next batch of printed t-shirts of your choice.

Today we want to explain the custom patches options for your facility to choose the type of embroidery or printed patches for your t-shirts and posters. 

First, we learn about what is the custom patch? 

Custom Patch: Custom patch is a patch of the customer’s choice. It can be in any foam-like custom printed, embroidery, woven, chenille, leather, or PVC patches. It depends on the clients to choose the type of patch that they want on their tees or any kind of poster.

Patches Types

Custom Embroidery Patches

This one is one of the most popular types of custom patches. Embroidery is thread work on the tee or poster with a 3D effect. Embroidery is good for small logos and small custom patches.

Custom embroidery patches are a great combination of colorful thread work on the t-shirts.

We at SF2 prints have a bunch of options for embroidery prints, especially for your clothing, accessories, and other things for your fashion or your brand promotion.

Custom Woven Patches

Custom woven patches have handwoven work of thread a great piece of artwork on clothes. Custom woven patches have two types, machine woven and handwoven thread work for t-shirts, caps, hats, and other things.

SF2 prints, team will always give you options for custom woven work on your different types of clothing including t-shirts, tops, caps, handbags, and other accessories for your wardrobe collection.

Custom printed patches

custom printed t-shirts and custom trucker hats are in trend and have a unique combination of colors and graphics on any type of clothing.

You can choose the available options for printing techniques and printing colors or can tell us your choice of designs. Our printing team of SF2 prints has different techniques of printing, colors, and designs to be printed on t-shirts or other types of clothing or posters for your brand promotion.

You have unlimited options for custom printing patches on anything you like. 

Custom Twill Patches

Twill patches are not sound familiar as common people do not have any idea about the twill patches for creating something on t-shirts, caps, or hats.

These are works of thin wire tightening on the clothes and have a 3D look. These are also known as crest patches.

The wire has an amazing shining and looks beautiful on hats, caps, and t-shirts for their amazing wire thread art and aesthetic shining.

Our team at SF2 prints, we have several options for you specifically in custom twill patches. 

Custom Twill Patches Types

If you want to add 3D details that look bold, you can choose the Custom PVC patches for your next artistic brand promotion or your accessories.

Custom Chenille Patches

Custom chenille patches are not also familiar as people mostly do not know the technical or original name of this fluffy and 3D look-alike printing work on jackets and other thick stuff. It is generally used for jackets, jeans, and thick stuff like this. You have a bunch of options for custom chenille patches at SF2 prints online.

Custom Leather Patches

Leather looks royal and nowadays leather patches are trending over social media and in the fashion world. You have several options to choose from the custom patches and custom leather patches are one of them. These patches look classy on jackets, handbags, sling bags, and biker’s bags or travelers’ bags for a boho look. Our team at SF2 prints will provide you amazing options in custom leather patches for your brand promotions or your t-shirts, handbags, and posters too.

Custom PVC Patches

Custom PVC patches are nothing but a unique style of rubberized 3D artwork for clothing and accessories. It is durable, unique, and has a bold appearance on your clothing and accessories like handbags, travel bags, and jackets too. You can order us the PVC patches and have your custom PVC patches for your aesthetic and unique wardrobe collection.


Custom-made means you can design your patches for your t-shirts, handbags, jackets, jeans, and other accessories as well. We at SF2 prints have a bunch of options for your custom patches as we mentioned on our website. You can choose from custom embroidered patches, custom woven patches, custom printed patches, custom twill patches, custom chenille patches, custom leather patches, custom PVC patches.

Printed patches have a great color combination for different kinds of clothing and accessories. In printed patches, the design is directly printed on the surface of clothing or any other thing with the help of screen printing and mesh printing techniques. You just have to tell us the design of your choice and we will be ready with your choice of printing patches on your favorite clothing or any piece of accessories.

There are lots of options for custom patches including custom embroidered patches, custom woven patches, custom printed patches, custom twill patches, custom chenille patches, custom leather patches, custom PVC patches.